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Deaf Awareness

Year 5 have been discussing deaf awareness in PSHE. We looked at the difficulties people with hearing problems can encounter and how they can overcome them through lipreading, non-verbal gestures and  learning sign language. We discussed inventions such as cochlear implants and even had a go at learning the British Sign Language alphabet.


Earth and Space

Year 5 have been studying Earth and Space as their science topic. We made our own top trumps cards for the planets after 'speed dating' to find out more about each planet. We also created our own chalk posters on the different lunar phases; set up a shadow experiment; studied the artist Peter Thorpe (renowned for his rocket art); travelled the distance from Earth to the Sun using trundle wheels and made our very own rockets after learning about propulsion!


Performance Poetry

Performance poetry is a favourite of Year 5's. This year we have looked at the poets Grace Nichols, Michael Rosen, Joe Coehlo and Alan Ahlberg. We have performed raps, traditional poems and a firm favourite was 'Walking with my Iguana'. Have a look at some of our performances and some photos!



Medical Mavericks Workshop

In the Summer term, Year 5 and 6 were visited by the Medical Mavericks team to explore the world of medicine and look at potential careers in healthcare. Activities involved key hole surgery, taking blood from an arm with a real needle, testing their pulse with a doppler machine, printing their heartrate using an ECG machine, testing reflexes and even trying on 'drunk' goggles!



On Friday 15th June, a group of Year 5s, along with Mrs Ford, Miss Doran and Miss Enoch, travelled to Westfield in Shepherd's Bush to visit Kidzania and explore the world of work! They got to experience life as a radio DJ, Formula 1 mechanic, doctor, dentist, paramedic, fashion designer, hotel worker, chocolate maker (and taster!), delivery driver, as well as many more. The children had a wonderful day and we were so impressed and proud at their behaviour, independence and strong work ethic! ​


Hampton Court

Year 5 visited Hampton Court as part of our history learning linked to the Tudors. We had a fantastic day as a whole year group looking at the palace itself as well as participating in two workshops. One of the workshops taught us about Tudor fun and games - did you know that only the very rich children had toys? Our favourite toy was the metal jousters! The other workshop taught us about the different types of gardens in Hampton Court and how some of the plants were believed to cure an array of conditions; the only plant that truly worked was to chew parsley to alleviate a windy tummy!


India Day

Namaste! St Paul's had a wonderful India Day and Year 5 learnt about the history and geography of India in the morning. Then in the afternoon, we made Mithai - a traditional Indian sweet.


Ancient Greek DT and Computing!

Year 5's DT and computing unit of work this term was linked to our Greek topic - The Adventures of Odysseus. We recorded all the different islands, creatures and gods that Odysseus encountered on his journey home to Ithica and then designed our own adventure maps. We then had to make our plans come to life by scaling them up accurately - a lot of maths was involved - and then creating the islands and various obstacles.

After they were complete, we had to write our own code to program floor robots to travel from the start to the finish box on the adventure maps without hitting any of the obstacles. We aimed to be able to to get the robot from A to B in one movement which took great perseverance!


The National Archives

Year 5 visited the National Archives in Kew to learn about what history actually is. We looked at an array of primary sources which included a propaganda poster from the Second World War, a scroll that belonged to Henry VIII as a boy, a map of the Great Fire of London, a book containing details of prisoners kept in Wandsworth Prison in the 1800s and a collection of photographs of suffragettes.

We had to use the facts and what we could see to decipher what these items were with no previous information; it was very tricky! We ensured that the clues the artefacts provided would help us solve their purpose - we didn't just guess.

We also had a chance to look around the museum which held many exciting artefacts such as a replica of the Domesday Book.


The Adventures of Odysseus

Year 5 have been studying the Ancient Greeks in history and been looking at the text 'The Adventures of Odysseus' which focuses on Odysseus' heroic quest home to Ithica. We have been writing letters from Odysseus to his wife; creating pastel artwork to represent Poseidon's storm; acting out the interaction between the Cyclops and Odysseus and researching Greek gods and goddesses. We've learnt many exciting facts, for instance did you know that Athene was born from Zeus' forehead and that Cyclops was Poseidon's son?


Christmas Circuits

Year 5 enjoyed having Julie teach us circuits this term. We focused on teamwork, balance, co-ordination and keeping fit. There were a lot of red faces at the end of our sessions - a sign of blood rushing around the body because we had had a good workout. One of the activities was to run and decorate the 'Christmas Tree' - a really good giggle was had by all. Thank you Julie for making circuits fun and keeping us healthy.



Year 5 have been studying Earth and Space in science this term. We have looked at why the Sun appears smaller than Earth in the sky even though it is bigger; measured the distances between the planets and the Sun by drawing them using compasses and getting out the trundle wheels; discussed why we have different seasons and even made our own lunar phases with oreos!


National Poetry Day

On National Poetry Day, we discussed the different types of poetry that people may enjoy. We watched videos of some famous performance poets such as Michael Rosen and Joseph Coelho. Their use of voice, volume, actions and repetition inspired us to put on our own performances of famous poems such as 'Please Mrs Butler', 'Onomatopoeia' and 'I don't want to go back to school'. It was wonderful to be outside in the sunshine performing and we enjoyed watching each other's interpretations.


DT Day

Our DT project this term was to design and create a sock puppet inspired by a Roald Dahl character. We had been honing our sewing skills for a few weeks and when DT Day finally came around we had the chance to put our skills to the test! It was much trickier than we thought but we persevered and showed resilience! Have a look at the photos below or even better come and visit our 3D display of sock puppets in the Year 5 Bay!


Teddington Lock

5H had an amazing day out at Teddington Lock! We were lucky enough to see how the lock works; tested the pH level of the River Thames; conducted a scientific experiment to find out how quickly water passes through the different materials that the riverbed is made up of; went mudlarking (where we found a dead eel) and even saw where Monty Python filmed the Fish Slap Dance! Unfortunately, we also discovered the devastating affect humans have upon the river and its ecosystem. We shall be writing letters to the Environment Agency to voice our concerns.

It was a fantastic way to kick off our geography topic this term and we will use the information learnt in our lessons over the coming weeks.