Our vision is to educate for life, with the love of God, and Christian Values, at the heart of our school.

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Sound in Science

This term year 4 have been learning about sound.  We have learnt about the different parts of the ear and how sound travels through solids, liquids and gases.  We have investigated whether sound travels better through solids than gases, as well as designing and making our own instruments, thinking about how to change the pitch and volume of our instruments.



4CF spent time describing different objects and then drawing what they saw when they looked through the microscope.  The looked at a variety of objects including foam, sugar, poppy seeds and a 2p coin.  It was really interesting and good to see things close up!


Pants Week

We talked about the NSPCC rules of Pant week.  Some of us brought in our pants to attach the rules to so that we don't forget to keep our privates private!


Kew Gardens

Year 4 visited Kew Gardens to link with their geography and science topic - rainforests and plants. The weather was beautiful and the children loved the opportunity to see some exotic plants!


Year 4 visit Kingston Mosque


Skipping Workshop

Year 4 prepare for the Skipathon - a great opportunity to get fit and raise money for charity!


Hooke Court Residential Visit

Year 4 had a fantastic time on their residential trip to Hooke Court in Dorset! The children were beautifully behaved and excellent ambassadors for the school. Have a look below at the many workshops they experienced during the three days.


One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul

This term year 4 have been reading the real life story of Isatou Ceesay from the Gambia.  She was recycling hero in her community; up-cycling plastic bags into desirable purses.  Inspired by this, the children have been finding out about plastic and its impact on the environment.  As we are now trying to be courageous advocates , we have written letters to the supermarkets to ask for less plastic packaging; to the local MP and mayor to question why there is not more recycling in Kingston schools.  Watch this space for a response....


Outdoor Learning - Maths

The groups mixed together to learn about weighing, measuring length and measuring capacity.


Mountain Projects

Year 4 researched and made a model of a mountain of their choice.



In Year 4 we have used drama to explore the story of the Dancing Bear by Michael Morpurgo. We used the hologram technique to show the emotions of characters before and after a key point in the story.


4R have started swimming!