At St Paul's C of E Primary School, we are educated for life with the love of God and Christian values at the heart of our school.

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Easter Hats

Year 3 took part in the Easter service making a presentation on Easter symbols. There was a competition to see who could make the best  Easter bonnet/hat which they wore at the service. The winners were Wilf Fox-Robinson and Evie Hall.


World Thinking Day

The children came to school dressed in clothes linked to their culture, place of birth, faith, club or hobby. 


DT - Year 3 used pneumatics to make “Moving Monsters”


Outdoor learning - 3M used leaves to spell out words they were trying to learn.


Year 3 sharing books with Year 1


Pirate Day



Children dressed up as if we were visiting Granada which has a tropical climate. We tasted some tropical fruits.


Year 6 teaching Year 3 how to use Times Tables Rockstars


DT - Fishing game

Year 3 designed and made a fishing game that used magnets to pick up the fish.  We had lots of fun having a go at fishing our designs out of the water.


Richmond Park

A woman came in to tell us about the animals that live in Richmond Park. We were able to touch bones of badgers and antlers from deer. We learnt that animals have evolved to live in different habitats and that they are all part of food chains.


4LP and 3M reading their work together


Egyptian Day


Pirate Day


DT Project - Moving Monsters


French Day

Year 3 enjoyed watching and acting in Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk, in French, delivered by the Freshwater Theatre Group.  There was also the opportunity to ask for different food items in French as well as taste them!