Our vision is to educate for life, with the love of God, and Christian Values, at the heart of our school.

 St Paul’s PSA (Parent School Association)

The PSA is a voluntary organisation run by parents to raise vital monetary funds for the school. Every parent, teacher and carer is automatically a member of the PSA and we are lucky to have a thriving and supportive school community. We welcome every contribution of time or support as it really does make a difference to the fundraising and, ultimately, to the children attending the school. All the money raised by the PSA is spent on resources and equipment not covered by the school budget so the children really are at the heart of the PSA.

The aims of the PSA:

  • To raise money for the school
  • To create an inclusive and vibrant school community

PSA fundraising has included a range of different events such as cake sales, the Summer and Christmas fairs, pub quizzes and Talent Nights. The PSA committee has a schedule of events that will be advertised on the school website, in the school newsletter and St Paul’s PSA Facebook page. If you would like to get involved then please come to the next PSA meeting, support your class rep or turn up to an event! Alternatively, we would be more than happy to support and promote your fundraising efforts for the school and we will assist in any way we can.