At St Paul's C of E Primary School, we are educated for life with the love of God and Christian values at the heart of our school.

As part of our work to embed British Values at St Paul’s, we have introduced our ‘RE bear’ as a way to aid understanding and appreciation of other faiths and cultures.

The idea is that our lovely, cuddly RE bear goes home with families at times when they have special spiritual or religious events to attend. A photograph is taken of the bear at the event/place of worship, which is then stored in the RE bear’s special book. Some families also choose to include a small piece of writing to explain more about the event. Both the bear and the book remain in the entrance hall so that our whole school community can learn more about other faiths and enjoy looking at what the RE bear has been up to.

With such a wonderfully diverse community at our school, our RE bear is going to be very busy each week so please see Miss Harmsworth or contact the school office to arrange when you will take him home.

Thank you in advance for getting involved with this new project. We are looking forward to learning more about many different religions.