Our vision is to educate for life, with the love of God, and Christian Values, at the heart of our school.

Outdoor Collective Worship - Year 3 & 4


Garden Show

St Paul's hosted their very first garden show. The children worked in groups to design a miniature garden that had a particular theme. Each year group was judged by Mr Edmonds, Miss Harmsworth and some of our governors. There were some amazing entries including an army base, working volcanoes and a  garden for a hobbit! 

Have a look at some of our favourite entries - can you spot the themes?


Whatever the weather!

St Paul's like to be out whatever the weather! Take a look at Mr Edmonds and Miss Harmsworth observing outdoor learning in the snow!


Outdoor Activity Adventure

Year 4 and Year 3 went up to Richmond Park for the morning.  The children were challenged to get 10 people through a hoop in the shortest amount of time.  They worked on strategies to be able to achieve this.  They then mapped out the area on whiteboards, did a scavenger hunt and worked out how to get a team across a swamp using only a few cones!  It was a great show of teamwork.


Dissecting a Tulip

Year 5 have been studying life cycles in science. We have looked a the life cycles of plants, mammals, insects, birds and creatures that undergo metamorphosis. We dissected a tulip to identify the features of a plant and where the gametes were.


The Journey

Year 5 have been reading a picture book called 'The Journey' which looks at the plight of refugees. We created freeze frames and role plays based on when the characters reach the border of their war-struck country and come face to face with a guard and a very large wall.


Kew Gardens

Year 4 visited Kew Gardens to link with their geography and science topic - rainforests and plants. The weather was beautiful and the children loved the opportunity to see some exotic plants!


Sketching Daffodils & Finding a Stickman

Year 1 have been sketching daffodils and there is no better place to do that than outside where the daffodils belong! They also went to Richmond Park to find materials for their very own 'Stickman'.


Pudding Lane

Year 1 braved the elements to visit Pudding Lane to see where the Great Fire of London took place. The children were brilliantly behaved and were pleased to see where the fire really took place.


Missing Numbers Treasure Hunt

Year 5 joined forces to complete a missing numbers treasure hunt. There were 30 questions to find and 45 minutes to solve them in. It was great being able to work with the whole year group and there was a healthy sense of competition to be the first to complete it accurately!


Properties of Materials

Year 5 have been looking at the properties of materials in science this term. We want to know what materials are flammable. However, we cannot test this until we know how to make fire ourselves! This is our first session where we were shown how to make fire using a fire lighter, cotton wool, kindling and a baking tray. We even used some birch bark to help the fire stay alight. Watch this space for when we start making fire ourselves! 



Outdoor English

Children, in 3M, used leaves to spell out words they were trying to learn.


Outdoor Maths

Year 5 maths groups enjoyed the cold weather outside. However, they kept warm by running to find the answers written in chalk to a range of quick maths questions. This was an opportunity to revise multiples, factors, squared and cubed numbers and properties of shapes. Hopefully, they will get even quicker next time and the weather may be a little warmer!


Outdoor Science

Year 5 decided to test air resistance vs. gravity by creating their own parachutes. They set up the experiments themselves deciding on what variables had to be the same and which one variable would change. Most of us decided to time how long it would take for the two different parachutes to reach the ground. It was a particularly windy day and so therefore there was a lot of discussion about fair tests and scientific conditions.


Fairies Discovered

Year 6 have been studying Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer's Nights Dream' which contains many creatures including fairies. Would you believe it that year 6 found their very own fairies in our school grounds?! They then wrote their own non-chronological reports on the discovered fairies and even guessed what adaptations they had and why! Look out for fairies in your own gardens...


Outdoor Learning

The teaching staff have had training on Outdoor Learning. We made our own mini beasts, wrote our own poems, looked at symmetry in shapes, created art in Richmond Park and even made fire from scratch! It was a really fun, informative and useful session and keep an eye out for more outdoor learning happening in St. Paul's soon!


Year 4

In Year 4, they have been reading the book Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf. They went to Richmond Park and participated in a scavenger hunt. They had to use the materials to create their own creature - some were hybrids, some mythical. After this, they created a background for their creature; where had it come from, its history, its natural habitat, how it was adapted to its habitat. Back at school they will be writing descriptions of their animals.


Year 6

Year 6 went to a magical forest (not Richmond Park) and took turns to act out scenes from a Midsummer's Night Dream.


Year 5

During maths groups, some children ventured outside to draw, estimate and measure acute, reflex and obtuse angles using chalk and large protractors on the playground. They then solved missing angle problems.


Year 3 Freeze Frames

In Year 3, they have been embracing outdoor learning at any available opportunity. They created freeze frames based on their Mr Creep story, stuck leaves down on paper to learn their spelling words and looked at different scenarios that represented kindness in PSHE.