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New Reception 2019 Meeting - Thank you for those parents and grandparents who attended our New Reception 2019 meeting.

Prospective Parents Presentation

A good short read: The Health Impacts of Screen Time (RCPCH publication)

We all hear conflicting messages in the media about whether / how screen time can affect the mental well-being of children and young people. With so many opinions and speculations, it can be difficult to know what to think!

This is a really short, reader-friendly piece of unbiased research from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and well worth a read. Follow the link below or ask Miss Luker for a paper copy.


Relaxation Recording

We have now enjoyed three very successful well-being days. One of our mums, Giselle Monbiot has come in on well-being days to do some relaxation with the children. Giselle is a Stress Specialist and she has very kindly produced a relaxation recording for everyone to use - suitable for both children and adults. We hope you find it useful.  Just click on the link here

If you would like further information on relaxation techniques, feel free to contact Giselle at info@gisellemonbiot.com.