Our vision is to educate for life, with the love of God, and Christian Values, at the heart of our school.

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Reading Cafe

This week 1S had a reading cafe, the children bought in their favorite books to share with one another and they enjoyed healthy snacks.


Year 1 trip to London


We hope all the Mums had a lovely Mother's Day - we certainly enjoyed making your cards!

Year 1 have been exploring measurement in maths. 

1P told the story of St David and danced the Jac Y Do for their St David's Day assembly.


1S discussed all the different groups that they belong to and drew pictures to show them.


Sorting materials for Science.


Year 1 visited the French cafe on French Day.


Practising numbers in maths.


Learning how to dance in Indoor PE.


Performing Whoops-a-Daisy Angel for Nativity.


Year 1 have been learning to locate the 7 continents on a map.


Year 1 had their first PE lesson this week and practised running.​


Collecting and counting chestnuts in Outdoor Learning.


For Art and DT, Year 1 made papier mache globes and designed stands for them.


Practising jumping skills in PE.


3M brought their favourite books to share with Year 1.


Year 1 went to Richmond Park to search for signs of Autumn.