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Expected Standards in Year 5

The NAHT have put together a set of  objectives for maths, reading and writing. These are what they would expect most children in the year group to be able to achieve by the end of the academic year. Please use the links below to see what the expectations are for your child this year:

Maths, Reading & Writing

Suggested Reading List 

Some suggested books for Year 5 here.


All children will require the following equipment everyday:

  1. 30cm clear non-flexible ruler
  2. A pair of good scissors
  3. Glue stick and a spare, pencils for writing and drawing, colouring pencils and at least one blue fountain pen for when you achieve a pen license. No eraser pens please.
  4. A clear protractor
  5. An A4 size wallet for homework sheets and letters.
  6. A small pencil case to fit in the desk drawer.


You must fill in your homework diary every day and show it to an adult at home where it needs to be signed. Please ensure you understand your homework before going home. If you are unsure, ask your teacher.

Homework timetable

Year 5 homework timetable

Homework set

Due in

Type of homework






English or subject specific






Subject specific

Subject specific homework will include a broad range of subject’s homework. This may include: science, spellings, PE, art, topic, DT etc

We expect children in year 5 to spend 45 mins on their homework each evening, in addition to 15 mins reading (a variety of stories, newspapers, poetry, comics, and information books).

*If your child has spent 45 minutes on their homework and it is unfinished, please just write a message in their homework diary – we don’t want to cause any unnecessary stress at home.


In Year 5, the aim is for everyone to gain their pen licence by Christmas. To help you achieve this there will be handwriting homework. You need to use your cartridge pen to complete this piece of homework. The handwriting will be marked out of three and once you have achieved 3/3 three times in a row you will no longer receive this piece of homework.

During September, the expectation is you will use fifteen minutes of the English homework time to work on your handwriting. Therefore you should be spending about thirty minutes on the English task and fifteen minutes on the handwriting task.


  • For our P.E lessons, the children will need the following kit:
  • White T-shirt containing school logo;
  • Black shorts/jogging trousers;
  • Plimsolls for indoor P.E. and training shoes for outdoor activities.

This kits needs to be in school every day and taken home each Friday for a wash. P.E can often change days during the week so please ensure that the children have their kit so they are able to take a full part within the lessons.