At St Paul's C of E Primary School, we are educated for life with the love of God and Christian values at the heart of our school.


St Paul’s takes part in The Golden Mile – a government backed, all year round initiative that encourages children to get more active through running. By walking, jogging or running the Golden Mile track (our playground), all participating pupils add to their mileage whilst being able to enjoy being physically active.

At St Paul’s, we encourage all classes to make the Golden Mile part of their weekly timetable and log all the data on The Golden Mile website. We also run a Golden Mile morning every Thursday from 8:30pm where all pupils run the track around the playground before registration. We regularly get around 40 children running anything from two laps to 32 laps.

Golden Mile Update:

  • 6 Certificates
  • 50 runners yesterday morning

Miss Doran will update all miles and add to the board later today. But, Picton are still very firmly in the lead; their top six all with 10 mile certificates! She believes that there is no movement at the top of the house leader boards but come competition is slowly creeping up to those leaders!

Past results:

As of Friday 23 March, St Paul’s CoE Primary School have run a total of 272 ½ miles so far as part of the Golden Mile.

Bronze Award Winners:

  • Robin Stanton (5H, Picton)          12 ½ miles
  • Kaden Ahmad (5C, Wilson)          10 ½ miles

House Miles:

  • Picton                        97 miles
  • Wilson                       67 ½ miles
  • Wolsey                      56 miles
  • Muybridge                52 miles

Top 5 Runners:

  • Robin Stanton (Picton)             12.5 miles
  • Kaden Ahmad (Wilson)            10.6 miles
  • Jodie Andrews (Muybridge)     8.39 miles
  • Calum Kearns (Picton)               8.03 miles
  • Hamish Hand (Picton)               8.03 miles

Top Class:

  • 4R       100 miles