Our vision is to educate for life, with the love of God, and Christian Values, at the heart of our school.


PE Events 

We have been delighted with the participation of our pupils in both borough competitions and non-competitive sports over the last year.

These are the borough competitions entered by St Paul's last year: Year 4 Girls' Football; Year 4 Boys' Football; Year 5/6 Boys' Football; Year 6 Mixed Football; Year 5/6 Cross Country; Year 5/6 Girls' Hockey; Year 5/6 Boys' Hockey; Year 5/6 Mixed Quicksticks Hockey; Year 5/6 Netball; Year 5/6 Basketball; Year 3/4/5 Relay.

We continue to promote the Golden Mile: pupils ran 1682 miles last term during the lunchtime and before school sessions.  Pupils in Years 3-6 took part in the borough Country Dancing Festival.  We all enjoyed a very successful Skipathon, and Years 1, 3, 5 and 6 had units of the curriculum (gymnastics, fitness and running) taught by professional instructors, in lesson times.

Our focus this year is to maintain our high PE profile in the borough, and to endeavour to enter more competitions with pupils from Years 2, 3 and 4, where possible.


However, we do need your support - our PE Leader cannot do it alone!  If you can offer to help accompany children to after school competitions and tournaments, please let Miss Chaudhry or Mrs Stoddart know.


Kingston Primary Schools Quicksticks Hockey tournament – Thursday 28th February, year 5/6

The morning opened with a question and answer session with Brendan Creed, GB and Surbiton player.  There was an interesting array of questions from the children: how many times a week did he train, what was his diet like, what was the most difficult game he played in (a serious drubbing by The Netherlands) what injuries had he sustained (this was slightly alarming as he had quite a list!).

19 schools entered the Kingston Quicksticks Hockey and St Pauls was in a tricky group.  The first match was against the notorious Surbiton High School.  The children more than stepped up to the plate – they played excellent team hockey, passing the ball to the wings and crossing the ball into the circle in text book fashion.  A draw of 0-0 was a fair result.

The remaining three group games were won easily – 2-0, 2-0 and 4-0 .  The children did extremely well keeping cool against one school who clearly didn’t know you can’t use the back of their sticks – the umpires were letting play flow as much as possible, so this team didn’t get pulled up for what was very bizarre play!

These scores were enough to move St Paul’s into the semi final stage.

The semi final was a close fought game but we narrowly lost against Tolworth 0-1, but the third/fourth play off against Christ Church was won 2-1 (the team stopped the opposition from scoring in the last extremely nerve wracking 30 seconds).

Third place out of 19 schools was a fantastic result.

Everyone played their part  - it was a real team performance - a solid defence, beautifully distributed and tackled in centre mid whilst the others took turns in causing mayhem up front.

Thank you to Angela H for her help on the side line.


High Fives Netball Match

St Paul’s successfully made it through to the Plate Matches, however they were finally won by Fernhill Primary School.


Year 6 Girls Six-a-side Football Tournament

The Year 6 Girls football team did extremely well in the national six-a-side football tournament. They finished 4th with 19 points and only 1 point away from bronze medal. Nearly all games were decided by only 1 goal showing the high standard of play.

St Paul’s 0-0 Malden Manor
St Paul’s 0-1 Tolworth
St Paul’s 1-2 Fern Hill
St Paul’s 1-0 Latchmere
St Paul’s 0-1 Lovelace
St Paul’s 3-0 Christ Church
St Paul’s 3-3 Our Lady Immaculate


Year 6 Boys Football Tournament

On Tuesday 6th November 2018, a team of Year 6 boys entered into a Football competition at Chessington Community College. 7 schools attended the event, with Grand Avenue, St Luke’s, Robin Hood, Latchmere, Coombe Hill in the bout to win. The matches went as followed:

1: Against Coombe Hill – Lose 0 – 1

2. Against Robin Hood – Win 4 – 0

3. Against Latchmere – Draw 1 – 1

4. Against St John’s- Draw 0-0

5. Against  Grand Avenue – Draw 1-1 

We had to win the tournament in order to get through to the final. Unfortunately, Latchmere beat us - however we managed to achieve third place overall in the competition. 


Year 3 Boys Football


Year 5 and 6 Tag Rugby Tournament.

On Thursday 11th October, a team of Year 5 and 6 entered into a Tag Rugby competition at Kew Football Ground. 24 schools attended the event, with Grand Avenue, St Luke’s and Malden Parochial in the bout to win. The matches went as followed:

1: Against Grand Avenue – Winning 4 – 0.

2. Against Malden Parochial – Winning 3 – 1

3. Against St Luke’s – drew 1 – 1

St Paul’s won the qualifying match, allowing us to go on and play for the cup against Tolworth Juniors and St Agatha’s. We had to win both of these matches in order to get through to the final. Unfortunately, Tolworth Juniors beat us, however we managed to achieve fourth place overall in the competition. 


Year 5 Girls Football

Spirits were high as the Year 5 football girls travelled to Chessington Community College for their first festival of the season. It didn’t take long for the girls to find their feet in the opening half, as they fired the pitch with a 3-0 start. With every match being very evenly fought between both sides, the girls found themselves darting around the pitch; one moment in defence, the next in attack. Mid way through the afternoon, St Paul’s found themselves firmly in the driving seat and with the terrific teamwork and superb shots at goal from the team, St Paul’s came away with a 5-0 win.

The final matches saw both teams, once again, fighting for possession. All girls took their turn in goal and showed that they are not just agile on the pitch but in goal.

St Paul’s finished the festival in 3rd place out of 7 schools with 2 wins, 2 losses and a fantastic display of football skills, fitness and teamwork. Well done.



Kingston Primary Schools Country Dancing Festival

On Tuesday 3rd July, Miss Baran and Miss Doran took the St Paul’s Country Dancing Team to Kingsmeadow for the annual Kingston Primary Schools Country Dancing Festival. After a three year break form the event, it was wonderful for St Paul’s to join the other 18 schools in the borough.

The sun was shining, the children were smiling and the band was playing. The festival started with a welcome parade of Standards of Banners with all schools then dancing The Swan. It really was quite a picture seeing 400 children weaving, galloping and marching together. The enthusiasm throughout the St Paul’s team was fantastic and they showed that all the practice over the last term has clearly paid off. St Paul’s also got to show off their dancing skills in the Ninepins, Horse’s Brandle and Bridge of Athlone dances. Not only did they master each dance but absolutely loved doing it.

A Country Dancing Festival would not be complete without Maypole Dancing. Not all schools took part but, those that did, impressed all the spectators. One day, St Paul’s will hopefully have their own maypole and be able to demonstrate their Maypole Dancing skills.

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all – ending in the Circassian Circle dance that gave even the staff and parents to show off their dance skills!

Every child that participated should be immensely proud of themselves for displaying superb dancing skills, excellent teamwork and great passion.

St Paul’s v Fern Hill

To finish off a superb season against other local schools, St Paul’s invited Fern Hill to play in the last match of the year – but the first on the new court. It wasn’t just the new court that looked impressive! St Paul’s where totally unfazed by the height of the Fern Hill players and dominated the match from the outset. Their movement around the court was quick and concise making sure that the shooters had ample attempts at goal. The side was a mix of Year 6 and Year 5 and they worked brilliantly together as a team showing the incredible improvement that each and every player has made over the year.

Goals galore from Emma and Isabel – and an incredible shot from the edge of the circle by Yusuf  – meant that St Paul’s finished the season with an amazing 14-6 win.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the netball squad for a fantastic season. Mr & Mrs Gibbs, Miss Doran and Mrs Holt are so very proud of the netballers that you have all become. The question now is, can they beat the Staff and Parents/Carers side as the Netball Fundraiser?!


Year 5 and 6 Netball v St Luke’s

On a day when the weather didn’t know what to do with itself and we didn’t know whether the Year 5 and 6 netball matches were going to go ahead, the rain finally stopped – be it just before the match - and the sun came out in time for St Luke’s arrival.

It was the first match for a number of Year 5 girls and it was clear to see how much they have learnt and progressed over the year. Despite the wet conditions, their footwork was greatly improved and all the practice on passing was evident in their match play. Unfortunately, it was a very defensive game with few chances at goal. Due to numbers, St Luke’s did have to play a few Year 6 children against our Year 5 so our girls did exceptionally well. This team are just starting out and we hope to see great things from them in Year 6 next year.

You only have to look at the current Year 6 team to see how much a squad can improve over time. After two years of playing together, the Year 6 team were on fire. Controlled, as ever, by the highly talented Poppy and with some excellent shooting from Asasila and Yusef, St Luke’s didn’t stand a chance! With Year 5 having to defend for the majority of the match, Year 6 got to attack for the majority of theirs. A highly energetic, fast paced match highlighting the strengths of this super side.

Combining the scores from both matches, St Paul’s won 14-10.

Mr and Mrs Gibbs would also like to thank all netballers and say how well behaved, enthusiastic and positive everyone was in spite of the adverse weather conditions.

Well done all!


Basketball Competition

Along with 11 other schools from the borough, St Paul’s took part in our very first Basketball Competition. Having never played together as a team, it was always going to be a tough afternoon. Add into the mix a few remarkably tall children and some very skilfully basketball players, St Paul’s definitely had their hands full. But they certainly didn’t disappoint and played some brilliant basketball.

With every match St Paul’s played, they got better and better. They worked as unit, created space, controlled the ball well and had some superb shots at goal. Unfortunately, we had so many near misses and lost out by one goal on almost every occasion.

We narrowly lost 3-2 in the final seconds to the eventual winners, Tolworth, with the same happening against the third place team, St Joseph’s. Not being able to progress into the medal matches, we played against our local rivals - Latchmere - where we finally came out as the 3-2 winners!

A fantastic and truly impressive display of basketball. Miss Doran was very impressed with the standard and talent of the St Paul’s team.


Year 5 and 6 Hockey

St Paul’s had a repeat hockey fixture against Thames Ditton Junior School last week with a hugely dramatic start in the form of torrential rain.  Once it passed, the girls fought bravely against a strong TD team.  In some very nice passages of play, Missy scored two, and Jodie scored one.  Tilly and Zoe and Elie provided a strong midfield with Ruby and Tilly splitting duties between attack and defence.  However they eventually lost 6-3.

The boys did very well by drawing 2-2 against a stronger TD team than they previously played.  Henry and Oli both scored good goals.  Arran was an important playmaker in the centre allowing Noah and Henry to make breaks up front. The defence of Daniel and Eden held up well under constant attack.


Year 5 and 6 Netball

On Wednesday 14th March, Latchmere School returned for another netball local derby, bringing both their Year 5 and Year 6 teams. This meant that the Year 5 netball team were able to play their first match of the year.

Year 5 took to the court first and instantly showed how much improvement they have made since joining netball club at the beginning of the school year. Missy and Bryony took the experience they gained from the recent High 5 Tournament and took control of the match. Showing great teamwork, Year 5 worked the ball up and down the court and, with accurate shots at goal from Missy and Bella, St Paul’s were 2-0 ahead. With strong defence, St Paul’s won back the ball in the Latchmere circle only allowing the opposition one goal. With every girl playing in both attack and defence, the Year 5 girls are certainly a team to look out for over the coming year. A well fought, evenly matched fixture with a fantastic display of netball from all of Year 5 saw St Paul’s win 2-1. Congratulations Year 5!

With enough players for two Year 6 squads, it was time for a number of players to play their first match of the year. Led by captain Poppy, St Paul’s instantly took control of the game. Latchmere’s defence was, once again, first class but St Paul’s were able to get the ball to their goal circle and to the unstoppable hands of GA, Emma, who scored a fantastic four goals. Making space and interceptions St Paul’s kept the ball in hand to win 4 – 2. Congratulations Year 6!

With two highly energetic matches, both on and off the court (the side line support was fantastic), both schools showed great improvement since our first meeting. Well done to all involved.

Year 5
Year 6


Year 5/6 Netball

On Thursday 22nd February, St Paul’s took part in the annual Kingston Borough High Five Netball Tournament. With 24 Kingston Borough schools competing, the standard was bound to be high with some tough competition to face. Taking a squad of nine players, St Paul’s found themselves in a group alongside St Mary’s, St Agatha’s and Knollmead.

St Paul’s were first on court against Knollmead and we couldn’t have asked for a better start to the day. Keeping the ball firmly in attack, the ball worked its way to our goal circle throughout the first half only to often come up against Knollmead’s best defender in the Goal Defence position. However, Emma was able to find the hoop twice to finish the first half 2 – 0. The rules of High Five netball require all players to rotate around the court so that everyone gets a chance to play in defence and attack. The second half of our Knollmead match saw a superb combination of Poppy and Missy in the Goal Attack and Goal Shooter positions with our lone boy, Yusuf, as Centre. This terrific trio flew from the centre third into the goal circle effortlessly with both Poppy and Missy scoring endless goals. Final score St Paul’s 7 Knollmead 0.

Next up was eventual Plate runners up, St Mary’s. From the outset it was clear that our second game was going to be somewhat different to our first and that our defending skills would have to be put firmly into play. In what was an incredibly fast and fierce battle, everyone stepped up to the challenge and put everything into the tough ten minutes. Asasila intercepted a number of passes, stopping St Mary’s from having a number of attempts at goal. Poppy and Missy found themselves together again, but this time in defence, and showed their fantastic versatility. This pair work beautifully together and are unstoppable wherever they play. Unfortunately, St Paul’s came out second best in a very well fought, competitive match finishing St Paul’s 1 St Mary’s 3.

Our final match of the group stages was against our local friendly rivals St Agatha’s. Having previously played them at home this season, and narrowly missing out on the win, St Paul’s were keen to make it one all. Also, a win was needed to be able to go into the Cup and Plate competitions. Sadly, this was not to be the case. Despite being an evenly fought match, St Paul’s struggled to find the net and get those all important goals. Attacking and defending from all was brilliant and the resilience and agility that the team showed was superb. Our efforts were not reflected in the final score St Paul’s 0 St Agatha’s 3.

St Paul’s may not have made it to the Cup and Plate stages of the tournament but they showed that all those early netball sessions are paying off and should be very proud of themselves and their performance. Well done all.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Gibbs for their constant support and coaching, Miss Doran for her umpiring and Sarah Holt for coming to cheer the team along.

St Paul’s 7 – 0 Knollmead       St Paul’s 1 – 3 St Mary’s         St Paul’s 0 – 3 St Agatha’s


Year 4 Girls Football

Spirits were high as the Year 4 football girls travelled to Chessington Community College for their second six aside festival of the season. Taking a little time to find their feet in the opening half, it was clear that a goal was needed to fire up the girls and, after a few attempts at goal, Olive’s strike found the ball at the back of the net. With every match being very evenly fought between both sides, the girls found themselves darting around the pitch; one moment in defence, the next in attack. Mid way through the afternoon, St Paul’s found themselves firmly in the driving seat and with the terrific teamwork and superb shots at goal from Olive and Zara, St Paul’s came away with a 3-0 win.

The final matches saw both teams, once again, fighting for possession. All girls took their turn in goal and showed that they are not just agile on the pitch but in goal.

St Paul’s finished the festival with 1 win, 1 loss, 3 draws and a fantastic display of football skills, fitness and teamwork. Well done girls.


Year 5/6 Boys & Girls Hockey

Before half term, the St Paul’s hockey boys and girls took on Thames Ditton Junior School in their first hockey match of the year.

The girls were up first and took a little while to settle into their game. Being first on, they were clearly nervous.  They conceded a goal quite early on, but pretty soon relaxed and started finding their hockey heads, with Tilly making some good attacking runs and Bryony putting in some great defensive tackles.  All the girls worked exceptionally hard and, eventually, Jodie, who made some penetrating runs down the left side, scored for St Paul’s.  Tilly created some scoring chances but unfortunately the circle was very congested, making scoring difficult. It was a hard fought match but the girls never gave up and finished 2-1 to Thames Ditton Junior School.

Next up were the boys. The first half saw St Paul’s permanently in the opposition’s attacking third. Henry found the goal twice and after an amazing run from Olly, Axel shot for goal. St Paul’s once again controlled possession in the second. Missing a few chances in the first few seconds Henry, once again, netted a goal followed swiftly by another. Thames Ditton managed to break away a few times but the outstanding defence of St Paul’s cleared them away. An own goal from Thames Ditton, two more from Henry and one from Arran saw the boys finish with an incredible 10-0 win.


Year 6 Netball

St Paul’s v Latchmere

Wednesday 15th November

Following on from their success two weeks ago, St Paul’s invited another one of our neighbours, Latchmere School, to play the second netball match of the season.

The two sides couldn’t have been more evenly matched, which made for some superb netball. Being played at a remarkably quick pace, the excitement and enthusiasm from St Paul’s was evident. The battle began at the outset with both teams having equal possession and ample scoring chances. Working together as a team, using skill, agility and effective communication, the St Paul’s netball team took an early 3-1 lead. With the intensity increasing, Latchmere managed to level the score to 3-3 by half time.

Making the most out of the natural light, the teams quickly refuelled and took to the court with fire in their feet and biscuits in their bellies. Captain Poppy flew around the court, intercepting passes left, right and centre. St Paul’s stuck to their players in defence and found space in attack keeping Latchmere on their toes.

Going into the last section of play the score was 4-4 and the tension was high. Both teams so desperately wanted the win and put everything they had into the final minutes. It was going to be a nail biting finish. The ball travelled up and down the court like a yo-yo, with both sides having a number of attempts at goal. With only one minute of play left, it was Latchmere who were in possession in their goal circle. A missed attempt at goal and an excellent rebound take saw St Paul’s grab the opportunity of possession.

With time ticking away, St Paul’s combined perfect passing, fabulous footwork and terrific teamwork to get the ball back into their goal circle. The ball was passed to Goal Attack Charlie who, unaware that there were just seconds left on the clock, took a shot at goal. To the delight of the St Paul’s players and sideline supporters the ball went straight through the hoop. A mere second later the buzzer and whistle went for the end of the match. St Paul’s had found their first win of the season in the final second of play, finishing the match 5-4.

Both teams displayed an excellent level of netball in an unbelievably well fought, close contest. A thoroughly enjoyable match to play, umpire and watch and one that every player should be very proud of. We all look forward to the next encounter between these two sides in the New Year. Congratulations St Paul’s!


Year 5 and 6 Cross Country Event

On Tuesday 7th November, thirty Year 5 and 6 boys and girls travelled to Ditton Fields to take part in their first ever Kingston Borough Cross Country event. Having previously never entered this event, St Paul’s were full of excitement. On arrival, it was clear how much our local schools love to run as a record number of schools and children were participating – a huge 672 children from 33 schools!

The morning was split into four races – Year 5 Girls, Year 5 Boys, Year 6 Girls and Year 6 Boys. With all runners full of fire and spirit, and slightly unaware of the distance ahead of them, each race saw children sprint from the start line like a coalition of cheetahs! They soon realised that this speed couldn’t be sustained and finally found a good, consistent, long distance pace to run the two laps of the vast, green fields.

Every St Paul’s child completed the full 2k course showing outstanding resilience and endurance. When not racing, St Paul’s set up their spectating camp at the end of the first lap /start of the home straight where each individual showed brilliant sportsmanship and respect cheering along their team-mates as well as all other competing schools. The energy and enthusiasm from the children was incredible, both whilst running and watching. There were smiles and rosy cheeks aplenty.

Year 5 girls, Jodie and Natasha, paced each other well and ran in together finishing in 35th and 36th positions respectively, with their team-mates helping Year 5 girls secure an 18th place finish. Following in the girls’ fast footsteps, Year 5 Ollie showed his speed finishing in 37th place with William and George also finishing in the top 100. The Year 5 boys came 16th overall.

Ending the morning off on a high, the Year 6 boys ran in at an outstanding 11th place. A special mention must go to our very own Mo Farah - Hamish - who ran the Year 6 boys race in an incredible 8 minutes and 40 seconds, finishing an astonishing 14th place out of a field of 210 runners. An absolutely amazing run which also saw Max and Henry finish in the top 100.

Every single cross country runner should be unbelievably proud of themselves. They ran as one yet worked as a team. Long distance running is no mean feat and requires immense determination and commitment, which the St Paul’s team had in abundance.

This is certainly not the last we will be seeing of the St Paul’s runners over the forthcoming year!


Year 6 Netball

St Paul's v St Agatha's

Wednesday 1st November was a day of firsts: the first of a new month and the first Year 6 netball match of the school year. After numerous early morning training sessions and a lot of hard work over the past year, the St Paul’s netball squad were finally able to play a match against another school. A local derby against St Agatha’s Catholic Primary School was the first, of hopefully many, netball matches to be played at St Paul’s.

Playing High Five Netball rules (five aside rather than seven aside) St Paul’s showed some superb teamwork and had a terrific flow up and down the court. It really was wonderful to see Year 6 girls and boys play fluid and fast netball. Every player was able to try out a number of positions and get a real feel for the game. A mix of speed and agility saw our players show that they can both attack and defend as well as score goals. St Paul’s kept St Agatha’s within reach for the majority of the match before St Agatha’s star shooter came into the circle for the final few minutes of play giving our opposition the win. Congratulations to the netball squad on a hard fought, well played match.


Year 5/6 Football

Following in the football footsteps of Year 4, the Year 5/6 football team headed to Chessington Community College for the Kingston Borough Football Tournament. The boys were certainly kept on their toes with some strong opposition but showed phenomenal fight in all matches. The early matches saw them highlight their attacking skills with fantastic goals being scored. Then, it was time to test their defensive skills with some excellent goalkeeping saves and all players putting in a number of strong tackles. Throughout the tournament the boys worked brilliantly as a team with accurate passing, great communication, resilience and determination. Well done boys!


Year 4 Girls Football

This week it was the girls’ chance to shine on the football field. On Wednesday 4th October the Year 4 girls football team travelled to Kew Association Football Ground to take on other schools in the borough in their first festival of the season. 

The girls started superbly using their speed to create space and keep themselves in attack. Added with some fancy footwork, St Paul's gained the confidence to go for goal, and goals they got! 

Having spent most of the opening match in attack, the second match tested the girl's defensive skills. Working as a team, St Paul's kept the opposition - who held the majority of possession - from scoring for the entire match. And then, once the ball was at the feet of St Paul's, they took full advantage of their possession with a wonderful shot at goal.

Next saw St Paul's have to dig deep in defence against a stronger side, who gave them little chance to attack. However, the day ended with an excellently contested final match which, sadly, didn't go our way in the final minute of the match. 

A brilliant display of football and teamwork from the Year 4 girls with everyone showing great sportsmanship and love of football. 

Won 2 - Lost 2


Year 4 Boys Football

On Wednesday 13th September, the Year 4 boys’ six a-side football team travelled to Chessington Community College to take part in the first football festival of the season alongside seven other Kingston schools. There were certainly no cobwebs on the boots of the St Paul’s boys as they played fantastic football, showing both great attacking skills and strong defence. Playing back to back matches, the boys never tired. When faced with the only team who hadn’t yet lost a match, as their final opponents, they put up a terrific fight to ensure the final match of the day ended in a draw. Scoring early, their final opponents held the majority of possession but the St Paul’s defence and goalkeeping were just too good for them and finally they were in attack, making the most of it with the final goal of the day. The boys did St Paul’s proud and made an excellent start to the season.

Won 3 - Lost 2 - Drew 1