Our vision is to educate for life, with the love of God, and Christian Values, at the heart of our school.

At St Paul's CofE Primary School, Kingston Hill, our teachers deliver science lessons that are challenging,  engaging, informative and - most of all - fun!

Children explore a range of topics from Reception through to Year 6 including:

  • animals including humans
  • living things and their habitats
  • states of matter
  • evolution and inheritance
  • electricity.

A full list of science topics covered at St Paul's can be found here.

Lots of different science-related events happen throughout the school year, including school trips, workshops and themed days.

We get to do loads of really fun experiments about electricity and plants - Year 4

I like doing experiments and finding out new things - Year 5

Science is always something different. I like the super fun lessons - Year 3

It’s the best subject ever! - Year 1

Science is really fun and you get to discover new things - Year 5

Past events, trips and competitions

STEM Day 2018

For our STEM Day, each class at St Paul's had to try and find a creative solution for a real global issue such as energy, climate change or disaster risk reduction. 

Through a combination of team work, problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking, the children came up with some creative ideas to overcome problems like food transportation, flooding and unclean water supplies.

Science Week Posters - 'Change!'


Science Week at St Paul's was a great success and loved by all. We watched a theatre workshop on space, did many experiments in class and made a class spinner which was in 'The School Spinner Competition!'. 5C's spinner fell the slowest from the top of Mr Toms' ladder. Well done 5C! The children also created science posters with the theme- 'Change!' These were judged by Miss Magnus and the winners were:


  • Ernie and Sara from 3M
  • Chloe and Sebastian 3CF
  • Alexandra and Stan from 4R
  • Ellie and Daniel from 4P
  • Natasha and Noah from 4LP
  • Max and Maddie from 5C
  • Pristina and Thomas from 5M
  • Emma and Charlotte from 5H
  • Charlotte and Jemima from 6F
  • Sofia and Helen from 6R


‘Design a Dinosaur’

This year, over 60 children entered a competition sponsored by The Dinosaur Society which involved creating their own unique dinosaur. Our entries were fantastic and every child who entered received a pack of colouring pencils.


'In the Year 2114...'

The school entered a British Science Association competition titled 'In the year 2114...' Our pupils had to think about the way we communicate, how we get to school and what type of houses we live in, then compare this to how we lived in 1914. The challenge was to use their imagination to design a product that they thought would help make our world a better place in the year 2114.

‘What a Waste’

Our pupils joined 20,000 others to take on the challenge of designing a product that was made partly, or entirely, of waste materials.

Science Gallery

Science in Year 1

Science in Year 3

Science in Year 4

Science in Year 5

Can we blow up the balloon without blowing it up?

Science in Year 6

Sorting different types of biscuits using sorting trees & showing that light travels in a straight line.