At St Paul's C of E Primary School, we are educated for life with the love of God and Christian values at the heart of our school.

At St Paul’s we are proud of all the work we do in our Religious Education (RE) lessons.  RE lessons are varied and interesting to help the children develop tolerance and understanding in a multi-faith country.

Each year group will study two main strands of RE.

Learning about – This is when the children find out and discover the main beliefs of different faith communities and how people of different faiths demonstrate their belief.

Learning from – This is where children consider the key aspects of a faith and reflect on how they might gain a better understanding of the world from it.

RE lessons involve space for children to think and reflect on different aspects of life. They are encouraged to think about big questions.

During their time at St Paul’s children will cover aspects of the six main religions - Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. Christianity will be covered in every year group – plus a unit on other world views.

There are also subjects that cover a theme and look at how different faith communities understand that theme. For example, in the first half term of Year 3 the children learn about creation through different creation stories from around the world.

The children will be taught through a variety of strategies including drama, art and practical experience. Big questions are also be posed and discussed in RE lessons. During Year 5’s topic about saints they discussed whether violence is ever an acceptable option in the face of prejudice and oppression. What do you think?

Christmas Theme Day

This year we investigated different aspects of the Christmas story through the eyes of the main people in the nativity. Each year group focused on different individuals and found out much more about them. Year 6 looked at the Holy Family; Year 5 the angels; Year 3 and 4 the shepherds; Year 1 the magi and Reception the animals in the stable. Using art, music, drama and historical research, we discovered much more about this familiar story. The school enjoyed a sharing time altogether seeing what each year group had made. We also used the artwork to enhance our collective worship on the last day of term.

Year 3 visit St Paul's Church to experience the building and how it is used.

Year 4 found out about Hinduism and Sujan brought in his puja tray.

Year 5 creating pieces of artwork inspired by Christmas.


Year 6 visit a Buddhist temple

'I thought the temple resembled an ornate toy house encrusted with gold. I felt rather intimidated by the golden statues fixating me with a glare.' Callum

'When I first saw the temple I was amazed at it. I felt like I was walking into a palace.' Jemima

' When I entered the temple I looked around and saw lots of paintings on the walls of the Buddha's life.' Rosie

'The temple was an amazing place especially the gold and red painting. It was a very calming place to go.' Rahma

' I felt amazed by how beautiful the stunning temple was. All I could see was the beauty. I only felt positive.' Mia