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Calculations Policy

Now that St Paul’s has a become a Primary School, we have updated our calculation policy to cover the progression of maths in EYFS and KS1 as well as KS2. Please see the attached policy and ask your child’s class teacher or Megan Ford (Maths Leader and Y6 teacher) if you have any questions.


My Maths and Times Table Rockstars

Each child has a log in to My Maths and Times Tables Rockstars. It is the same username and password for both and the children get this at the beginning of the year and can ask their teacher if they forget/lose it.

MyMaths is a fully interactive, online mathematics learning solution for children of all ages and abilities. It helps your child to develop their understanding of maths through a variety of engaging activities, games and assessments. Teachers, pupils and parents love MyMaths because lessons are clearly laid out and they fit current recommended practice.

Times Table Rockstars is excellent for developing fluency and mental maths for all ages! Children make themselves a rock star avatar and can compete with other children from their year in answering times tables questions.


Here at St Paul’s, mathematics is taught in a creative and interactive way, which engages and excites children to learn. Over the last few years, we have gone through an exciting period of changes in maths, in line with the 2014 National Curriculum. There is now a much larger focus on fluency, reasoning and problem solving in maths. As part of this, we embrace different ways of teaching maths in order to support all children’s learning, which includes hands on physical activities; child led teaching; games; computing; investigation and many other avenues. From this, children are making excellent progress and enjoy maths at St Paul’s.

"I like maths because we get to do loads of times tables games and fractions." Year 3

"The teachers make maths fun." Year 3

"Maths can be challenging but the teachers encourage us to be resilient to overcome challenges and enjoy activities." Year 5

"Miss Luker has taught us that Mathematics is the path to joy." Year 5

"Before I started at St Paul's, I hated maths and through all the years, I have built up my confidence - now it's my favourite lesson!" Year 6

"I really enjoy maths because you can challenge yourself as much as you want and there's always that time when you learn something new every step of the way. I also really enjoy the fun activities with maths." Year 6

At St Paul’s, we ensure all children from Reception to Year 6 are supported and challenged where necessary through the use of differentiation in tasks, outcomes and support. In KS2, we stream for maths, which allows children to be supported and challenged. We are privileged at St Paul’s to be able to stream in multiple ways and to have flexible maths groups for all children’s needs. As a result of this, as well as high quality maths teaching and timely and innovative support for children, 85% of St Paul's children achieved expected standard or above in maths in the 2017 KS2 SATs compared to 82% in Kingston and Richmond and 75% nationally. This is a fantastic achievement, is a testament to the hard work our children put in and is something we strive to achieve in the coming years.


Whole School Maths Target

Our focus in maths this year is to become more resilient when solving problems.

If you would like more information about problem solving, reasoning and mastery, please look at the following link - https://www.ncetm.org.uk/resources/47230

Past Events

Quiz Club National Mathematics Championship

On Tuesday 5th June, Mr Edmonds took four Year 6 mathematicians to St Mary's Primary School in Wimbledon to take part in the Quiz Club National Mathematics Championship. They performed brilliantly, were excellent ambassadors for the school and won their area heat! Well done to Asasila Igaga (6R), Rebecca McArthur (6R), Harry Spence (6F) and Eric Meng (6F) - our winning team!


On Monday 18th June, Mrs Ford and Mr Edmonds took our winning team to the Semi-Finals at Ashmole Primary School in Kennington. The competition was stiff and the questions were very difficult - most of the adults struggled! Out of 9 teams, the leading team changed five times which included St Paul's for two questions towards the end. However the competition were too much and crept into the lead meaning St Paul's team came in 5th. All children who took part did brilliantly and we were so proud of them.

Hollyfield's Primary Maths Challenge

Congratulations to St Paul's Primary Maths Challenge Team for coming 2nd in Hollyfield's Primary Maths Challenge on Tuesday 20th March. Thank you also to all parents and grandparents who came to support! 


Problem Solving and Reasoning Workshop for Reception to Year 6

On the evening of Tuesday 27th March, we held a workshop to show parents how we teach problem solving and reasoning at St Paul's. With the recent change in assessments and curriculum, the government are more focused on children having a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, therefore their ability to reason and problem solve is vital. 

Please see the attached PowerPoint of the evening as well as the Calculation Policy, and lists of useful games and websites to help your children at home. 

Any questions about the workshop or maths at St Paul's, please contact Mrs Ford. 

Thank you to all those who attended and we hope you found it beneficial!

Year 5 Maths Quiz


Munch and Mystery Evening - June 2017

Parents and children joined us in a very fun evening full of pizza and crime...! Children and their parents moved around the school, solving clues as a team in the various classrooms and then enjoyed some delicious pizza in the hall whilst they perused the pop up shops from Fun Learning.
Thank you to all the parents, children and staff that attended and showed brilliant perseverance and teamwork when solving the clues (some of them were very hard!). It was a really fun evening and there was a lovely buzz around the school - with your help, PC Robertson has now sanctioned the criminals involved!

Thank you also to the PSA for all their hard work and committment providing all the delicious pizza and refreshments on such a hot, sunny day!


Reception Maths Evening

On 18th January, Reception held a parent workshop covering both how maths is taught within the EYFS curriculum and how to help your child with maths.

Maths Graffiti!

As part of year 6's revision for the SATs, we were allowed to draw on the tables today! Using graffiti, we wrote down everything we could remember about different topics in maths and taught and helped our peers. We now have the graffiti up on the wall to help us this week.


Maths Challenge Day

A group of Year 5 and 6 girls travelled to Meadlands Primary School, to take part in a day of mathematical challenges.


TT Rockstars!

On Friday 24th June, Miss Magnus took three times table wizards to the 2016 Times Table Rockstar Competition! They worked their whizzy minds and competed against around 50 schools. Overall, as a school, we came fifth.


Maths Day - 20th April 2016

Early in the summer term, the whole school were mixed up and worked with children from other year groups to solve challenging mathematical puzzles set by the teachers. There was a lovely atmosphere around the school and it was so positive to see all the children working together to support each other when solving the puzzles.

'It was lovely to be at the school with my child, seeing other parents and children. It felt like we are a community, which is wider than just the children and teachers. Thank you!'

 'Best day ever!' Jason, Year 3

 'I really enjoyed working with the younger year groups and teaching them new things.' Felix, Year 6