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Welcome to Modern Foreign Languages at St Paul’s.

At St Paul’s, we recognise that learning languages is…

FUN!          USEFUL!       Good Brain Exercise!

Part of learning about history, geography and culture

Ou si vous préférez…

AMUSANT!    PRATIQUE!       Bon pour le cerveau!

L’enseignement de l’histoire, géo et de la culture

As you can see, our main Modern Foreign Language at St Paul’s is...

le Français!

Whole School


French Café


On 11th February, a French Café was held in the school hall as part of French Day.

It was great to see the children dressed up for the occasion – especially those sporting moustaches!

The day started with a French assembly – a David Attenborough film-clip followed by learning a French poem taught in primary schools across France.

In the afternoon, all 13 classes were served within a 2 hour period at the French Café with a backdrop of French Café music! So a special ‘thank-you’ to the Year 6 classes who showed their utmost professionalism, their dedication to the task and a desire to get everyone to order and converse in French. Also a huge thank you to the adults who helped with the food and drink preparations:  Mrs Bois, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Enoch.

The French Café was a great success; all food and drink was consumed and it was nice to hear some of the customers giving good feedback!

Thanks again, everyone!


Year 3

Year 3 had a fantastic French Day which meant we could come in dressed up in French style clothing! We took part in a French workshop which retold the story of Red Riding Hood; revised French greetings and tasted typically French food. The brie was particularly scrummy! Thank you to the parent helpers who helped us with our French accents!


Year 4

In year 4, we have been learning how to name body parts in French and had lots of fun playing a matching pairs games.


Year 5

Latin praecepta!  As part of our Tudor studies, Year 5 have been learning some Latin words and phrases.  In Tudor England, Latin was still the main language used in religion and in many official documents.  Year 5 have also been looking at the Latin roots of some of our English words today. 

In French, we have been saying which is our favourite school subject and why… J’adore le français parce que c’est genial! We have also been investigating the contents of la trousse – but you’ll have to ask us to find out what was there! Qu’est ce qu’il y a dans la trousse?

Hola! Year 5 have been learning about the Maya in history and so thought it would be great to experience Spanish. We practised greetings for all times of the day and planned a role play to present to the class. We also learnt numbers and solved calculations using them! It was quite tricky but we perservered.

We also researched Christmas in Spain and made our own Christmas cards. Did you know that in Spain the traditional Christmas dinner is 'Pavo trufado de Navidad' which is turkey stuffed with truffles - the mushrooms, not the chocolate ones - and in Galacia they like to have seafood instead?

Year 6

Come and take a look at our Language Journals to see the work we have been doing in our French lessons this term.  We have linked MFL to science and PSHE in our topic La Santé, making statements about foods and drinks that are good for our health – bon pour la santé - or unhealthy - mauvais pour la santé.  We have also started to ask and tell the time in French.  Watch this space for our other Year 6 MFL topics… Au Café and A la Mode.  Santé!

Alessia Perugi and Lizzie Masucci taught 6L Italian! They planned the lesson themselves and the class then completed an Italian worksheet made by the girls. The children loved it and we will have some more budding teachers teaching languages such as Spanish and Bulgarian soon; watch this space!


On European Languages Day we researched a variety of different languages from Bulgarian to Swedish, German to Albanian. Some of us even became teachers! If we could speak another European language we taught our classmates some phrases and as groups we presented our research to the rest of the class. We had a brilliant morning and all came out of it learning something new!