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Welcome to Modern Foreign Languages at St Paul’s.

At St Paul’s, we recognise that learning languages is…

FUN!          USEFUL!       Good Brain Exercise!

Part of learning about history, geography and culture

Ou si vous préférez…

AMUSANT!    PRATIQUE!       Bon pour le cerveau!

L’enseignement de l’histoire, géo et de la culture

As you can see, our main Modern Foreign Language at St Paul’s is...

le Français!

Whole School

MFL Summer 2018 Update

If you were able to attend our Exhibition Evening on Wednesday 27th June you may have seen in the school hall ‘The Year 5’s Best of…’ French display. The vast range of topics from describing the weather, holidays and hobbies to having French Conversation shows the great progress our pupils are experiencing with not only speaking French but also writing in full sentences and paragraphs!

Also, in year 4, they have been working on writing sentences to express how they travel to school each day which has encouraged some great Outdoor learning.

Currently, in Year 3, we are really lucky to have a parent volunteer who teaches languages in a secondary school and teaches the children Spanish for 30mins once a week and the children love it!

At St Paul’s, French is our main language but not the only language we teach; our MFL teaching and learning is linked to other subjects in the curriculum and topical themed days – e.g.  Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, Italian - so our pupils experience a broad range of languages from around the world. We like to embrace all contributions from our multi-linguistic pupils – see our multi-linguistic Welcome display in the reception area!

We have had a fun-packed MFL season and wish you all a wonderful summer!


French Café


On 11th February, a French Café was held in the school hall as part of French Day.

It was great to see the children dressed up for the occasion – especially those sporting moustaches!

The day started with a French assembly – a David Attenborough film-clip followed by learning a French poem taught in primary schools across France.

In the afternoon, all 13 classes were served within a 2 hour period at the French Café with a backdrop of French Café music! So a special ‘thank-you’ to the Year 6 classes who showed their utmost professionalism, their dedication to the task and a desire to get everyone to order and converse in French. Also a huge thank you to the adults who helped with the food and drink preparations:  Mrs Bois, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Enoch.

The French Café was a great success; all food and drink was consumed and it was nice to hear some of the customers giving good feedback!

Thanks again, everyone!