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Christmas Gifts

The gardening club painted some pots and planted spider plants and Christmas cacti ready for Christmas.


June in the Garden

The gardening club has worked hard on planting the radishes that we grew from seed and also the coriander.  Unfortunately the slugs and snails found our runner beans a bit too tasty, but we have some more to plant.   The London Beekeepers Association also donated some runner beans and tomato plants to us which are now planted in the vegetable garden.  Must keep watering through this dry patch!


May in the Garden

The lavender is looking lovely and the bees are buzzing around it.  The gardening club cleared the hexagonal patch; ready to plant the vegetables.  We planted some special geraniums that don’t smell as you would expect them to.  Can plants really smell of cola?  Gently rub your fingers on the leaves and smell them to find out.


April in the Garden

We saw the tulips and daffodils come up in the garden.  These were used by year 4 to create our pastel pictures inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe. 


Harvesting the produce

This September we picked the produce that we have grown.  We ate some lettuce, tomatoes as well as nasturtiums!  The gardening club still had plenty left to take home, including part of a giant marrow!


Planting the Fruit and Veg!

Gardening Club have planted the vegetable plot which includes: chillis, tomatoes, lettuce, edible pansies and nasturtiums. 


Gardening Club harvesting the school vegetable patch