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Curriculum Overviews for Years 1-6

Please see attached curriculum overviews for years 1-6. These outline what each year group will have been taught by the end of their year. Each year group's curriculum is on one page for you to have up at home for your information! In addition, the RE and PSHE overviews for each year group are also attached.

The new NC in English Primary schools - A guide for parents

Year 1 Curriculum Poster

Year 2 Curriculum Poster

Year 3 Curriculum Poster

Year 4 Curriculum Poster

Year 5 Curriculum Poster

Year 6 Curriculum Poster

Curriculum Outlines

These are broad outlines, that are subject to change. - These are in the process of being updated.

Year 2: Curriculum Outline - Autumn 1

Year 3: Curriculum Outline - Autumn

Year 4: Curriculum Outline

Year 5: Curriculum Outline

Year 6: Curriculum Outline