Our vision is to educate for life, with the love of God, and Christian Values, at the heart of our school.

If you have ever looked around our school you will agree that the ‘Art Experience’ our children receive is fantastic. Children work in a variety of groups during their weekly art lesson and on themed art days.

Each year group team of teachers and our Art Assistant work hard to change and develop their curriculum content to ensure that children:

- investigate, record and develop ideas by collecting information in sketch books

- learn to use different materials and tools (including ICT) to create art work

- can adapt their own work after discussing, comparing and learning from their own and others work

- learn more about the visual and tactile elements such as colour, line and shape etc and how to use them

- look at art, craft and design work from different times and cultures and use this to help in developing their own work.

Year group artwork

Year 3 were inspired by L.S. Lowry’s paintings to make their own 3-D ‘street scenes’ using shoe boxes. Look out for them above the lockers in the Year 3 corridor.

Year 3 also drew their own portraits of Jesus:

And some wonderful refreshing ‘real-life’ watercolours of fruits. Can you identify what fruits were in the arrangements?

Year 4 produced some fantastic watercolours of Mount Fuji:

As part of celebrating Black History month, year 4 made some collages based on the American artist Anthony Johnson using fabrics, textiles and felt-tip pens. There is a fantastic collection of jazzy individuals in the year 4 bay area.

As part of their History topic on the Maya civilization, Year 5 designed and made some fantastic headdresses. There is a brilliant display of them in the Year 5 Bay area.

Year 6 were inspired by pop-art of the 50s and 60s and have been screen-printing in the style of Warhol and Liechtenstein.

You will also see in the Year 6 classrooms some landscape paintings inspired by Monet.


As you tour around the school, you will notice an abundance of artistic talent that decorates our rooms, corridors and hall, which show off a huge range of materials and mediums used across all year groups.

Coming Soon - our Hockney landscape canvases and the Georgia O’Keeffe oil pastel flowers. Look out for the Georgia O’Keeffe Exhibition at The Tate Modern during the summer holidays and the David Hockney exhibition in 2017.

Art displays from around the school: